Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Six Snaps

South Kensington

A door I fell in love with in Dublin (post to come)

The British Museum


Sunday, October 13, 2013

London Film Festival

The British Film Institute's annual London Film Festival kicked off on Wednesday, marking it's 57th year. The festival runs from October 9 -20th and Kelsey and I were lucky enough to book tickets for the fourth day of the festival, purchasing tickets to see Enough Said. 

Enough Said is a superb example one of Nicole Holofcener's many works (any Parks and Rec or Sex and The City fans out there?) that can make you laugh and cry in the same sitting. This film takes rom-coms to a whole new level in its honesty. It's emotional, realistic, and so funny, which in part was due to Julia Louis-Dreyfus' natural comedic character. The chemistry between Dreyfus' and the late James Gandolfini was so natural that it almost felt like they were together off the screen. Listening to Holofcener and Dreyfus speak before and after the film truly enhanced our viewing because you could tell how these two women, along with Gandolfini, created such a wonderful film together. Holofcener mentioned that some of the lines you hear Gandolfini say are some of his own, just another factor adding to the humble and genuine character that he portrayed so well. Dreyfus commented, "his capabilities as an actor were just limitless; he was a good man", which is completely evident in this last performance.

It's safe to say we both loved the film since we had tears in our eyes at the poignant going away to college scene and were laughing hysterically at some of the humorous parts that you could easily see yourself getting into. I'm no film critic, but I 100% recommend seeing this film when it hits theaters at the end of the month. 

We hung around the red carpet for a bit after our film was finished to see if we could catch any celeb sightings for the film that was playing next, although we had no idea what the film was or who was in it. As loads and loads of people and press started shooting cameras we saw Jesse Eisenberg, or as I know him, the Facebook guy. We lingered a bit to see if any other notable faces would pop up and were about to leave until a generous guy on the red carpet approached us asking if we wanted free tickets to see the next film, The Double. Naturally, we freaked out and said yes of course, still not knowing what the film was about or who was in it. 

After seeing these images on our walk down the red carpet, we gathered that the Facebook dude was clearly the star of the film along with the lovely Mia Wasikowska. Our tickets were dead center, and as if the night couldn't get any better, not only did Richard Ayoade and Jesse Eisenberg speak on stage before the film, but Sir Michael Cain accompanied them. The two of us were awestruck to say the least and couldn't believe what was happening. The film was not what we were expecting, but certainly shows Ayoade's creative talent. Eisenberg plays two characters in the film, highlighting the idea that one of them is so lonely and isolated, that an exact replica of himself can appear and no one seems to notice they're the same. I'm extremely happy we got a chance to hear him respond to questions from the audience because he's absolutely hilarious and honest, which can be seen in certain small instances in the film. Not to mention, two of the actors were sitting behind us!! What!!

Here's a brief film recap of last nights red carpet with interviews. 

Getting to see two European premieres of films and then people watching in Leicester Sqaure while eating Chinese food is one of the hundreds of reasons why London has my heart.


Borough Market

I've formed a recent obsession with Borough Market and all of the endless goodies it has to offer. Fresh cheese, produce, and bread are my normal go to's but this week we had lunch, which only made me love Borough Market even more. 

We stocked up on the fresh focaccia 

after grabbing some veggies we were sipped some sangria and continued to browse, knowing we were headed toward the cheese stalls... lots and lots of cheese.

we fell in love with this vendor, Gastronomica, and bought spinach & ricotta ravioli, baby burrata, and mozzarella. 

wondering why her face looks like this?

because this turns into...

this amazing warm cheesy creation

i had some crispy samosas + focaccia 

and enjoyed some lovely company + views of Southwark Cathedral and The Shard


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Six Snaps

Love the flower stands in South Kens

forming an obsession with take away sushi from Wasabi

Borough Market 

outside Buckingham Palace

a chocolate brioche from Aux Merveilleux (staying true to it's name, it was marvelous)

the Tube