Thursday, April 24, 2014

Six Snaps

the hood

Sometimes simple is better: Tuscan Salami, sun dried tomato, arugula, and olive tapenade.

La Latteria might be my new second home

my favorite gelateria in Roma. 

finding Francesca in San Lorenzo.




After successfully stuffing our faces with those enormous pizzas, we decided to hop on the ferry and spend the rest of the afternoon on the island of Ischia.

After we explored for a little bit, we headed straight to the beach to dip our toes in the water and take a short, actually a very long snooze, on the beach. 

We grabbed some delicious fresh hot slices of pizza, as if we hadn't had enough a few hours earlier, and some delicious malanzane & carciofi before hopping back on the ferry to Naples to catch our train to Roma (which was an absolute hilarious journey that topped off our adventure).


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

L'antica Pizzeria da Michele

If you have an obsession with pizza of all sizes, like I do, and are very hungry at the moment, then I advise you to skip over this post. For those who aren't about to eat their hand, enjoy these photos from my trip to Naples where we visited the literal home of pizza. If you've seen Eat Pray Love, this might bring back a few memories, but if not, this is the site where simple, super thin crust pizza originated. This mentality hasn't changed since the pizzeria opened in 1870, seeing as the menu today consists of two types of pizza and a few drinks to accompany your enormous 'za.  

trying to slice it down the middle (a very butchered, crooked middle slice on my part) proved to be the best way to tackle this bad boy.

if you look really closely to the right of my head, you'll see the infamous pic of Julia Roberts devouring her pizza, 190 times more gracefully than me! 


not even close...

The term, or I guess store, Eataly makes complete sense to me now (not that it didn't before), but this experience taught me what it's all about in Italy. A simple gathering with great pizza and even better company. We encouraged each other to eat the entire pizzas, even though somehow as we cut and cut and ate and ate, they didn't get any smaller. My friends and I each had our Julia Roberts moment and felt the completely acceptable urge to unbutton our pants after consuming such a pizza. 

the aftermath.

If a trip to Italia is on your horizon, make it a point to not skip over the Southern parts of the massive country and check out this quaint pizzeria; it's completely worth waiting in the humongous line, but if possible, get there around 11 and you'll be fine! 


Thursday, April 17, 2014


After an incredibly delicious bagel with goat cheese, honey, and dried herbs accompanied by a large cappuccino, I hoped on the train to Amsterdam. 

Pardon the dirty train window, but how stunning are all those spring flowers!

I could have spent the entire weekend in the ginormous Rijksmuseum, but I managed to also check out the Anne Frank house, the Red Light District, and a huge pillow fight that took place in the historic old square!

My visit to Holland, specifically Amsterdam, was easily one of my favorite places I've been this entire year in Europe. I really dislike the phrase, "it's unlike any other place", but Amsterdam really is. It's charming but edgy; new and old. I could picture myself living there and was really sad to leave come Sunday!