Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sunday Suppers

Healdsburg's Shed (also written about here) continues to fascinate me each visit I make, but Sunday's visit takes the cake. The last Sunday of each month, a Sunday Supper is held on the second level, in the Grange. Not only is the space beautiful on a warm summer evening, but having someone prepare fried chicken and all the fixin's and knowing each item is homemade using local resources makes the evening all the more enjoyable. 

heirloom tomato salad

grilled eggplant + zucchini

freshly baked bread 
(the olive bread was divine)

arugula salad with shaved radishes 

buttermilk fried chicken with lemon

homemade pies for the pie eating contest

an incredible plum galette for dessert (by far one of the best desserts I've ever tasted) with Shed's vanilla ice cream

getting a chance to see this incredible space empty was a total bonus! 

words to live by


Friday, July 26, 2013

Cheers To The Weekend

Here's to a relaxing weekend filled with sleeping in, yummy brunches with items like croissant french toast (I've entered weekend mode after having this treat at Toast), and good company + music. 

Here are some tunes for your days off:

Cast Away- Strange Talk

Posession- Humans

Second Chance- Peter Bjorn and John

What It's All About- Girltalk

Take Me Away Into The Night- 4 Strings

How It Ended- The Drums

Music Sounds Better With You- Stardust


Front Porch

Front Porch is easily one of San Francisco's best kept secrets which is surprising because it's a slice of southern comfort food in Bernal Heights. I was sold once I saw that they serve water out of 40's with stickers that say "fucket get a bucket" and offer the option of adding fried bacon to any dish...

bite size corn bread to start

seriously delicious fried okra with jalapeño aioli 

a literal BUCKET  of fried chicken + mashed potatoes & gravy + biscuits

on my next trip, I'm considering trying out their weekend brunch and having chicken and waffles, collard greens & bacon, shrimp and grits, or just a bowl of cheesy grits. What sounds amazing to you!? 


Six Snaps

facades in fog

pretty paint

fresh roses are always a good call

no caption necessary

a rainbow of Jarritos (orange still wins in my book)

delicious mussels from Zazie


just do it

have some boring, dull, and outdated pieces lying around?

and aren't afraid to get your hands dirty?

then throw on some beat up shoes + jeans and grab some spray paint (by some, I mean a ton)

doing it yourself can be a challenge, but can also save money, stress, and be fun! if you've never spray painted before, it's not as easy as it seems– shake the can really well and don't spray too close. you don't want the paint to come out thick and drippy. it might take a few practice tries so try it out on something you don't care about like a scrap of paper.

this project isn't clean– wear gloves if you don't want paint on your hands– because you need to make sure you cover all surfaces of whatever you're covering. Another tip: work in natural light so all angles appear evenly coated.


celebrate your creation with a delicious lunch! My go to is Blue Barn.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Here's a scenario: an Italian Restaurant meets a French Bistro and the two decide to have a have a baby restaurant and raise this new gem, named Florio, in Pacific Heights. Oh wait, it's been done, and it's been done real well my friends. A combination of local, fresh, seasonal menu offerings with classics like delicious bread, pommes frites, roasted chicken, and fresh fish, Florio is a perfect spot for dinner for two.

prosciutto with burrata, apricot, and grilled batard 

sautéed Monterey Bay squid, black plum tomato, sea beans, sauce vierge, aged Balsamic 

Oven roasted Coho wild Salmon, fennel, zucchini, lemon cucumber, spicy pickled baby artichokes

Pan roasted white California Sea Bass with fennel and celery root puree with spinach, capers, and nicoise olives 


Hump Day

On a trip to pick up some supplies for an upcoming shoot, we snuck around Potrero Hill and had some slap happy midweek fun. After a jam packed first few days of the week, getting a chance to play outside in the sunshine was just what I needed for a successful hump day! Just when you think you've seen it all, San Francisco continues to constantly amaze me.

f21 dress Marc by Marc Jacobs bag Levis jacket Zara flats | Jcrew necklace

what's your midweek pick-me-up?