Thursday, May 30, 2013

Currently Coveting

Do you ever window shop or walk into a store and love the way something is styled? I do, all the time, so I take tons of snaps to remind me to either mimic this look at home with items I already own, or to come back and purchase a certain piece! 

cute weekend summer outfit from Urban, especially that necklace!

dresses & necklaces also from Urban

pretty much anything white + lace = a winner in my book

long flowy dresses from Juicy Couture 

black summer sandals, help choose!

and last but not least, these socks from the Sock Shop on Haight. How could I not!


Off the Grid: Picnic at the Presidio

If you live in the Bay and enjoy delicious food, the chances that you have not attended an Off the Grid event are quite slim. Food trucks have been the trendy thing in town for a few years now and do not seem to be going anywhere. I don't partake in Twitter, but Off the Grid has an account that you can follow for weekly updates & information, like picnics at the Presidio that take place every Sunday. I'm sad Mama's Empanadas and Happy Dumpling, two of my favorite trucks, were not in attendance, but Kasa was!!! Awesome, simple, yummy Indian food with a friendly crew (always a plus).

the line for Del Popolo is always the longest...I've never tried it, but it seems worth the wait!


I got a Kati roll with chicken tika masala roll with hot sauce and extra veggie samosas

watching the fog disappear and enjoying samosas sounds like a good summer afternoon to me! 


A Day at The de Young

On Sunday my dear ol' dad and I ventured out to the de Young to catch The Girl With the Pearl Earring exhibition in its final weeks, which features Dutch paintings from the Mauritshuits. I love this museum and most of the exhibitions they host; my favorite is probably from last summer, The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk, which I also first saw with my dad, and I cannot wait to see the Art of Bulgari exhibit coming up soon. But I have to say, I was not thoroughly impressed with my exhibition experience on Sunday. Perhaps it is due to fact that I visited the museum a. on a weekend, which is always a chaotic mess, and/or b. because the exhibit is wrapping up and for those with tight schedules, now is the time to fit it in. I think it's a combination of both since groups of families, tourists, and wheelchairs surrounded each painting hoping to soak up as much as they possibly could. The actual exhibition was short, a tad confusing at first since you have an option of starting to the right by entering Rembrandt's prints, or to your left (the actual exhibit). Once you've made it past a few works, you're on your way to seeing what everyone has been talking about and is crowded around (think Mona Lisa under bulletproof glass at the Louvre)

Johannes Vermeer's Girl With a Pearl Earring, an unknown woman painted in 1665. The painting is stunning in person, so despite my personal opinions, I think it is worth seeing and fighting the crowds for. Vermeer's use of the element of light is exquisite and really comes to life when viewed in person. I am not aiming to bash the exhibit or the museum, rather, it is to simply state my thoughts on the exhibition and to see if all the hype was really worth it. I'd love to know what you thought if you have seen the exhibit! 

This visit was also a reminder to myself to take advantage of the de Young more since they have a great permanent collection that I sometimes forget is in walking distance from my house.

thick imposto

We ended with a very cool, small textile exhibition, From the Exotic to the Mystical, that featured some textiles from the permanent collection, not always on display. It was broken up in four areas, exoticism, mythology, religious symbolism, and the fantasized animal world (of course my eye was drawn to the lace).

What is your favorite museum in San Francisco?

Monday, May 27, 2013

Pizzeria Delfina

Pizzeria Delfina's Mission location is simply one of the best for Neapolitan inspired pizzas in the city, not to mention, creative appetizers and awesome meatballs!

amazing Saffron Arancini – we could have had 3 more orders of these bad boys!

Atlantic King Salmon with crispy capers, potato, arugula, and watercress

Panna Pizza: tomato sauce, cream, fresh basil, shaved parmigiano 

six snaps

party nail & some Brandy Melville + World Market armswag

a colorful take on breakfast lox at The NoMad


beautiful canvas at Anthropologie 

gorgeous colored doors in Soho

new bracelets!

Missing Manhattan

fresh flowers in the hotel

ABC Carpet & Home

inspiration courtesy of Calypso 

always remember to look up and down in Manhattan

hilarious play at the Golden Theatre, Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, staring Sigourney Weaver and David Hyde Pierce

a walk through Eataly is always a good thing

Hope to be back soon!