Wednesday, May 28, 2014


For all my minimalists out there, I'm loving pairing black & white together (or all white or all black) for the upcoming summer months. Although simple, I think these looks are effortlessly classy and exquisite. In my book, you just simply cannot go wrong – enjoy! 


Monday, May 26, 2014

burgers for brunch

For brunch yesterday, my godfather took Den and I to Tyler's, aka the packed joint with the best sliders in Palm Springs. I really tend to dislike waiting for about an hour for food...which we were told Saturday, so we decided to wake up early Sunday and come back and have burgers for brunch around 11:30. I know that sounds about odd, but I think when it's 99 degrees and Memorial Day Weekend, anything goes. Plus adding avocado to my sliders and washing it all down with iced tea made it all the more summery and acceptable...right? Let's just go with it... 


down in the desert

before the chop//

and after...what do ya think!?

My family and I have been down in Palm Springs since Thursday celebrating Memorial Day Weekend. Needless to say, we're overheating and haven't strayed far from the pool since we've arrived. I love coming down here because a, it shows how expansive and amazing California is and b, it's so damn hot there isn't much else to do but completely veg out. It's completely 150% acceptable to do absolutely nothing all day but tan, read, swim, eat, and drink. I hope you're enjoying the long weekend and these photographs (my mom's outdone herself with the new decor, may I say). 
What have you been up to for the holiday? Sun, swimming, hiking, lounging, reading, wine tasting, BBQing? Can't go wrong! Happy Memorial Day!