Thursday, October 23, 2014

5 INSTA's For Your Feed

5 food styling//gatherings//amazing Insta's to follow:

go on, give em a follow.

I'm off to see SBTRKT tonight! Too pumped. If you're not familiar with this London based self-produced amazingness, familiarize yoselfff.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Happy Wednesday everyone! 
It's been a while but here's a short, but brilliant playlist from one of my best mates, Sara. Check out her 8tracks and follow her for more sounds if you like the looks of these tracks below! I've linked up each song to a video so you just have to click away. 

(this link has the full album on it! do give it a listen!)

Hope this helps you get through any mid-week slump you might be experiencing. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Coalfire Pizza

Nothing says like welcome back home like pizza and beers with one of your best friends. Jaclyn and I have a serious pizza obsession (as do most of my friends) so we decided to check out Coalfire Pizza when we saw a photo of the ricotta and pepperoni pizza on Instagram last week. Last night we trekked over to Coalfire to try this enticing pizza for ourselves and we were not let down. As soon as you walk in the place, your nose is greeted with the delicious smell of warm pizza. 

We didn't even bother with splitting a starter so we ordered some beers and our pizza. Within a few minutes, out she came from the wood fire oven, looking absolutely amazing. 

Who knew ricotta could be whipped to such perfection?

If you live in the area and haven't been here, I don't know what you're doing: GO! For us North Siders, it's a bit of a journey, but a well worth it one. Really nice laid back environment where you don't feel rushed to get out of there – perfect for a date! Anyone with a sweet tooth? They serve cupcakes for dessert! How great is that for those crazy people who still manage to have room after devouring all of that cheesy goodness. 

As our chic server told us, it's half price bottles of wine on Tuesdays, so we'll certainly be back since every single pizza on the menu looks incredible.  

Up next on my list is a more local spot – Spacca Napoli, which I've been eager to try all summer! 

Happy Friday!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Portsmouth, NH

So today I've been to three states. Not everyday that you can say that, right? We hopped in a cute Mini Cooper that we got from Zip Car and drove to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It's only about fifty miles from Boston so we decided to go for the day since it's one of Brigid's favorite towns. And now I see why – a super quiche, small, brick town on the water.

As a West coaster, the idea of driving fifty miles and being in the same state is normal, especially in California. So when we got a suggestion to check out Union Lobster, a small place on an island between in New Hampshire and Maine, I was instantly intrigued.

You walk across a bridge and you're in a new state...say what?? 

Anyways, mouth gaping aside, we ordered two cups of amazing clam chowdaaaa and two large lobster rolls. Our fourth roll of the trip and easily the best. We sat outside on the cute picnic tables and chairs overlooking the water. I have to admit, I did feel somewhat guilty watching fishermen out in the water dropping lobster nets into the water as I was eating one, but I guess it's better that what I was nommin' on was so local and fresh right? Let's just call it sustainable, for my peace of mind.

 Bellies stuffed, back over the bridge we went, to New Hampshire. 

...and on that note, we hopped back in the Mini and headed back to Boston to meet a friend for dinner! Sad to be leaving tomorrow, I've really enjoyed spending a solid amount of time in New England, exploring a part of the country that I had never been to before. 


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Boston Day 3!

Boston is my new favorite city. It has a very European feel to it, reminding me of London as you turn down one way streets and look up at old buildings right next to new ones. Obviously on a much younger scale, but still has that charm and some of the history that most European cities have. We decided to go to the aquarium today and on our walk over, it seemed as if we had the whole city to ourselves. It was almost eerily empty, but pretty cool to wander empty streets in the financial district – and to top it off, the sun finally came out today!

We walked through the Holocaust memorial by . Really powerful in a subtle way, remembering the eleven million, but specifically the six million Jewish lives lost during the Second World War.

Next up, the aquarium since apparently we're four years old. 

We had an absolutely silly experience spending lots of time touching the stingrays, surrounded by a bunch of kids who were equally (if not less) excited than we were. 

We loved seeing all of the jellies, penguins, and this gorgeous sea turtle!

 Once we'd had our fair share of families and fishies, we walked over to Boylston street & Newbury Street to check out the shops and grab some lunch. 

We shared a salmon and tuna tartare to start. Heaven. 

Brig decided to have this tasty lobster chopped salad... just look at that bad boy...

And I had a kale, spinach, avocado green goddess salad topped with this hunk of salmon. We've had seafood for literally every meal but it's been super heavy and fried, so having this was prime. After lunch, we walked around a bit more but it got chilly so we headed home quite soon after.

We climbed into a cab and ended up back in our cute neighborhood and quickly had to change to get ready to go to our ghost tour...I realize how dorky and touristy this sounds, but it was sooo cool and worth it. We toured some of the oldest cemetaries in Boston, learning tid bits here and there about historical facts and all the bodies that are beneath Boston. Creepy, I know but true – who knew there were 40,000 bodies under Boston Common! I did not. On that happy note, we went to a crusty ole seafood joint for some authentic fish (like we hadn't had enough already) and I had delissssh fish & chips. Happy camper. 

Hope you had a nice weekend! We're off to Portsmouth, New Hampshire tomorrow.
(That's another thing, all of the names are killing me! Sounds like I'm in England!).