Friday, July 26, 2013

just do it

have some boring, dull, and outdated pieces lying around?

and aren't afraid to get your hands dirty?

then throw on some beat up shoes + jeans and grab some spray paint (by some, I mean a ton)

doing it yourself can be a challenge, but can also save money, stress, and be fun! if you've never spray painted before, it's not as easy as it seems– shake the can really well and don't spray too close. you don't want the paint to come out thick and drippy. it might take a few practice tries so try it out on something you don't care about like a scrap of paper.

this project isn't clean– wear gloves if you don't want paint on your hands– because you need to make sure you cover all surfaces of whatever you're covering. Another tip: work in natural light so all angles appear evenly coated.


celebrate your creation with a delicious lunch! My go to is Blue Barn.